Monthly Archives: December 2013

Not Just a Just

Recently I decided to actually watch the Year of 4 Documentary with Beyoncé. Not only was it really good it was in some ways inspiring. I am not always impressed by other people and their success, but this woman is truly phenomenal and this thing was made a couple of years ago.
Anyway, one of her answers to the interviewers really struck me…
“Sometimes we don’t reach for the stars, sometimes we are satisfied with what people tell us what we’re supposed to be satisfied with and I’m just not going for it.”

This really inspired me because often times I feel as if I am short changing myself and not living up to my full potential. I mean I am good at some things and my drive to accomplish the best tends to make me the best. If something stands in my way or I think I can do better, I do everything I can to get better. But then I sometimes get stuck and I think about what I am “just” instead of who I really am. I get caught up in other people’s dreams and aspirations and then I lose my own.

Obviously I am not the person I was 6 years ago or even yesterday, but I do know that these past years I have been asking others for where I fit in their vision. As if my vision doesn’t matter and that really pissed me off. Let me tell you after years of asking where others see me, what they see is not very far. In other visions you can be a ” just” not a “who”. I have been grappling for years about what I want and where I want to do it, but I think the grappling is over. I think I finally am ready to stop being a “just” and instead be a “who”

I may be good at somethings, but it is time to become good at something else. In the words of wise old Rafiki

“It is time”


What is fair?

I used to tell my babies that fair isn’t getting what you want, but getting what you need. I think what makes teachers these extraordinary people is that they can never really say this is the one thing that is fair. This is what they need. You’re job is mostly trial and error and more times than not you have to throw the plan out of the window. What is interesting to me is when we realize something is not working and we continue to do it. Einstein said, “doing the same thing and expecting different results is called insanity.” Are we just a bunch of insane people hoping that one day things will change? The conflict in discourse says that it take 66 days to break a habit. Considering that there are only 180 days in a school year we waste many days trying to evoke change. How do you know when something is working? How can we really evoke change? Is it really worth it? What is fair is it doing the same thing for all or just giving everyone what they need so that we can all be successful?